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For those who certify their identity documents through an issuing agency or US embassy, I offer a modified package that includes a Form W-7 review and follow-up the IRS.


Your package includes:

- Review / correction of Form W-7

- Review of application supporting documentation

- Expedited application shipping to the IRS

- IRS follow-up


You will pay for the shipping of documents to ITIN Abroad.  As the applicant is responsible for providing certified identity documents and accurate supporting documentation, this package does not include a money-back guarantee.

Document Review

  • After purchase, you'll receive a questionnaire and instructions for sending your documents to ITIN Abroad. 

  • If the application needs to be resent or amended to correct supporting documentation, this can be arranged for an additional fee. ITIN Abroad will work to resolve any application issues with the IRS so you can get an ITIN!