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Your package includes:

- Completed forms SS-4 & W-7

- Identity document certification

- Submission of all documents & follow-up with the IRS

- Expedited application shipping

-100% money back guarantee for the ITIN


You will pay for the shipping of documents to ITIN Abroad if you choose an online ITIN interview.

Business Package: ITIN + EIN Applications

  • After purchase, you'll receive a questionnaire, forms, and instructions, along with an address to send your documents if you've chosen an online interview.

  • I guarantee you will receive an ITIN with my service because I stand behind the accuracy of my work. However, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of your tax return or any supporting documentation you provide which I did not prepare. If the IRS rejects your ITIN due to a tax return error or supporting documentation issue, your money will not be refunded.

    If the application needs to be resent or amended to correct supporting documentation, this can be arranged for an additional fee. ITIN Abroad will work to resolve any application issues with the IRS so you can get an ITIN!