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Partner with ITIN Abroad

Does your firm need more than 3 applications? Make ITIN Abroad your exclusive filing service!

​This offer is especially for firms with clients in Czech Republic who need to apply for ITINs.  ITIN Abroad caters to the following groups of applicants:

  • Investors in US real estate or other property

  • Partners or owners of an LLC

  • Owners/shareholders of a US corporation who will receive a salary or dividends

  • Beneficiaries of US bank or investment accounts

  • Artists and creatives who receive royalties from US companies

Special Benefits

15% off all applications - ITIN Abroad bills your firm directly

Priority service - applications are completed in 48 hours after documents are submitted

ITIN Abroad comes to you - A CAA is available for client meetings in Prague (other locations are negotiable)

US tax expertise available - Hayden can prepare your client's US tax returns

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